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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says Nepal? Himalayas, Mountains and Trekking are the answers of majority of people. But Nepal is much more than that. Nepal provides an all in one package of natural, cultural, spiritual, religious aspects to those who wish to explore this majestic Himalayan nation.

With Nirvana Adventures, we plan your trip to Nepal in a different fashion. We mix everything Nepal has to offer while focusing more on your spiritual well being. You will have an adventurous trip all while finding yourself with our special tours and treks across Nepal that'll take you through mountains, villages, monasteries, temples etc.

Challenge yourself to take an adventure to the sacred lands of Nepal and like many others, find the motivation and inspiration through the experiences you'll gain and memories you'll gather.

We will welcome you as a guest but you will return as a part of a Nirvana Family.

Explain to us how you wish your travel to Nepal should be in terms of your well being ! We will then plan your entire trip accordingly. We look forward to join you in trekking the highest of the heights, sharing delicious cuisines, enjoying local tunes and dances and exploring Nepal!

Walk through the wonders of the universe among the Nepal Himalayas & seek the higher truth!

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